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What product do I choose for my sport?
In general, Grimpada products have a great versatility for any sport. They are all made with the same material base and their different lines show composition differences for more or less physical demand or for different climatic environments. Among the different products there are also differences and details that are adapted to different sports in particular.
What is the correct size according to my composure?
Visit the section size guide for more information about this subject.
How exactly do the different technologies of Grimpada products work?
Visit the section correspondent in each case to know more details about the Technologies.
Where can I buy Grimpada product outside the online store?
In any of the Points of sale officers of Grimpada.
How can I find my order and follow it up?
If you have placed an order, you will have received a confirmation email. From that moment, Grimpada will take care of getting you to the indicated address. If your package does not arrive in a time that exceeds three working days, please contact Grimpada.
Why is my order delayed?
It is possible that there were some of the following problems:
- Your order has been rejected by the security system of Grimpada due to credit problems or to detect any fraudulent or suspicious fraud data. Grimpada will contact you to solve the problem.
- There has been stock breakage in some of the products of the order. Grimpada will contact you to solve the problem.
- We are in full period of national or local holidays, so it is no longer meet the general rule of three working days.
What guarantee does my product have?
Grimpada will automatically replace any product in which an error of production or manufacturing is detected, without additional costs for the user. In the same way, it will replace it if the product wears too fast or shows clear signs of not complying with the basic quality standards of the brand.
In which cases I can not change my order without cost?
Whenever the change refers to a change of personal taste, such as a change of article or color. Changes in size will not have an additional cost but the return costs will be borne by the customer. Visit the Size Guide section before placing any order.
How do I return, change or cancel an order?
See the section Shipping & Returns, here you will find all the necessary information to your query.

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