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Grip and anti-slip system for snow and ice designed to adapt to any type of footwear.
Focused for people looking for safety when it comes to sports activities on ice and snow. Live new sensations with innovative crampons that will allow you to carry out your activities in a different way, faster and safer.
It is formed with a minicrampon and chains of stainless steel which are very resistant and durable materials for a good grip throughout the winter season on sliding surfaces.
- Manufactured with STAINLESS STEEL and silicone.
- Stainless steel and resistant chains and plastic polymer.
- Easily fits the shape of the footwear.
- Traction in any direction on snow and ice.
- Easy to put on and take off.
- Ultralight.
- Helps reduce the risk of falls and injuries.
- N. tips: 12.
- Carrying case INCLUDED.
- Fastening with Velcro.
S - 480 g
M - 485 g
L - 490 g
XL - 495 g
  • Snowrunning, fast mountaineering, cross-country skiing, snow or ice trekking ...
  • Unlike the TRAIL, it provides greater grip and safety in the tread.
  • Heavier than the TRAIL model, but more versatile and versatile in performance and activities.

Find out what sportsmen who have already tried it say about this item and, if you wish, leave us a comment with your opinion.
NOT VALID FOR USE ON VERY STRONG PENDING WITHOUT A FOOTPRINT, it is not a substitute for climbing crampons.


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