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Minimal micro crampons, gamma top in its specialty.
The ULTRA TRAIL crampons from Grimpada are the evolution of our Ice Summit model, an evolution that comes after 1 year of intense tests on the mountain, in all types of terrains and disciplines; Snowrunning, light mountaineering, trail running in spring and summer, trekking, ridges ...

  • Competition mountain crampon, valid for Tor des Geants, Ultra Trails and high altitude marathons, ascents to fast peaks ...
  • Manufacture in stainless steel, ultra-light cable very resistant and new silicone that provides an extra fixation.
  • Revolutionary system that combines light chain with cable to give greater elasticity and lightness to the chassis of the crampon.
  • New crampon design, with more grip and traction.
  • Ideal for ice, snow and slippery surfaces.
  • Quick to put on and take off, it adapts to any type of shoe or mountain boot.
  • Excellent traction with 21 tips 15mm in length.
  • EVA compact transport case.
  • Velcro adjustment for optimal fixation.

Designed and manufactured to meet the needs of outdoor lovers in winter and Trail Runners. Extreme lightness and excellent grip on ice and hard snow. Ideal product for any type of person who wants to carry out their activity with the best micro crampon on the market. Perfect for Skyraces in spring and summer, Snowrunning in winter and for activities of fast mountaineering, cross-country skiing, hunting, Nordic walking and trekking.

Perfect for trail running, light mountaineering, cross-country skiing, outdoor and trekking.

S - 255 g
M - 260 g
L - 265 g
XL - 270 g
    • Unlike the PRO TRAIL, it provides a greater grip and safety in the tread, since with a length of 15mm at the tips, the security in the tread is much greater. In contrast, in competitions where speed prevails, this extra traction slows us down a bit.
    • It uses the revolutionary system of combining cable and chain to give greater elasticity and lightness than the ICE SUMMIT model.
    • A product for lovers of light weight and in search of the best performance with the top of gamma in micro crampons, combining the best technology in lightness and mountain performance with safety.

    NOT VALID FOR USE ON VERY STRONG PENDING WITHOUT A FOOTPRINT, it is not a substitute for climbing crampons.

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