Frontal Llunatik 1000

€ 79.00 € 99.00

Battery Llunatik 3600mAh replacement


La Grimpada Llunatik 1000 headlamp It is one of the best options in terms of outdoor lighting in the market.
Equipped with a white LED XP-L HI manufactured by the prestigious American brand CREE, it is able to develop a maximum power of 1000 lumens and 12.950Cd reaching a maximum of 225m away.
It's a frontal rechargeable (during use or at rest) through a micro-usb port, equipped with a "black leg" battery manufactured by PANASONIC. This battery type 18650, provides a charge of 3600mah (maximum in this type of batteries). The battery is replaceable and the change can be made in only 20 seconds.
The intensity of light is regulated to your needs by a potentiometer rotary, with which you can adjust the intensity between 1 and 1000 lumens.
Despite its manufacture in aluminum alloy, the Llunatik 1000 only weighs 48g (98g if we include the battery), being a comfortable and perfect front for outdoor dynamic activities.
Ctechnical characteristics
  • Led: CREE XP-L HI
  • Candelas: 12.950 Cd
  • Maximum power: 1000 lumens
  • Maximum distance: 225 meters
  • Maximum power autonomy: 2h25m
  • Minimum power autonomy: 360h
  • Battery: 1 x Llunatik 3600mAh
  • Battery protection against reverse polarity
  • Manufacturing: Aluminum alloy
  • Finish: Premium III anodized
  • Impermeability: IPX-8 Certificate
  • Impact: 1,5m Certificate
  • Weight: 46g (Without battery)
  • Weight with battery included: 97g
    What does your purchase include?
    1. 1x Frontal Llunatik 1000
    2. 1x Headband
    3. 1x USB charging cable
    4. 2x Toric joints
    5. 1x User's Manual
    6. 1x battery Llunatik 3600mAh

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