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The EUFÓRIA Pro Belt belt has 4 large capacity pockets, to carry the minimum necessary material, essential as keys, mobiles up to 6 ", bars, GoPro ... and allows you to carry up to 0,5L of water Made in Topazzio fabric and Shield Endurance, elastic and unbreakable fabrics that adapt to the body and if they are used to make high performance products, they provide firmness, elasticity and comfort.


  • It weighs only 44 grams (size SM), and has four pockets to carry everything.
  • REVERSIBLE belt, with a different design inside so you can choose the color that best suits your day's kit.
  • Large, semi-closed back pocket (that is, only half of the pocket can be opened) system that works perfectly so as not to lose our most valuable objects, and with the capacity of a Soft Flask or a bottle of up to 0,5L.
  • 2 side pockets to carry gels, sticks, keys, whistle, thermal blanket ...
  • In the front, it has a large semi-closed pocket, to carry mobiles up to 6,5 ", GoPro, money keys, small windbreaks ...
  • The upper and lower band support most of the weight, giving structure to the belt, being this very comfortable to wear, without rebound and with an optimal fit.
  • Your tissues Topazzio and Shield Endurance, are elastic and unbreakable fabrics, which are used for the gamma top cycling shorts. They provide firmness, elasticity and comfort. They allow volume in the pockets and have a very good hold.


  • Trail, Running, Cross-country skiing, Mountain climbing, Hiking, Cycling, Trekking.


  • 40% polyamide Topazzio
  • 40% Polyester Shield Endurance
  • 20% elastomer

Made in Barcelona

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